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If you everyday receive more than 20 E-mail messages then Arises the problem: Whence to take time to read all messages?
The Speaking Mailer solves this problem: You can do some work while the Speaking Mailer will speak to you E-mail messages.
You will not listen to advertising signatures in messages Because the Speaking Mailer will filter it.
The Speaking Mailer can also fast generate quality-adjustable MP3 or WAV files from E-mail messages
for playback on your iPod, Pocket PC, or any other portable music player.
The Speaking Mailer is E-mail client style tool for non-stop speak E-mail messages from popular E-mail clients such as Outlook Express or Eudora.
The Speaking Mailer has a powerful analysis algorithm of advertising in E-mail messages.
You can use Speaking Mailer for viewing,editing and converting E-mail messages from popular E-mail clients.
One of base feature is Ability to display the messages saved in separate .eml files as though they were in E-mail client folders.
This is very convenient if you conduct archive of correspondence where each message is saved in a separate file.
One more interesting feature is converter from messages digest (for example Yahoo groups digest) to the separate messages For convenient sorting messages from the digest.
You will not see advertising signatures in messages Because the Speaking Mailer will filter it.
The following file formats are supported by Speaking Mailer:
eml, msg - message file;
dbx - Outlook Express message folder;
mbx, mbox - Unix mailbox.
You can convert E-mail messages among these formats.
For Example you can export messages from any Outlook Express folder to the .eml files or unix mailbox file.
You can work with Outlook Express E-mail messages files (*.dbx) if these files Will be not in Email folder structure, for example in the backup copy.

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